2 thoughts on “PocketTransit reviewed on AllAboutSymbian

  1. Hej,
    I have carried Pocket Transit on my Nokia N8 for about a year now and have never used it fully. I have played with some of its features, but not all. However, I wanted to test it today in a training exercise for planning refugee camp water supplies. I love the interface and the overall GUI design, but I am a little lost on PT’s full functionality, especially as there is no Symbian guide available on your website. Has it been archived somewhere?
    Keep up the good work, glad to see you’re porting into the more lucrative environment of iOS.
    Tusind tak.

    • Hei Peter! Sorry we do not currently have any guide for the Symbian version. The functionality however is pretty much identical to the Sailfish version, although the Sailfish UI is necessarily quite different. You could probably use the Sailfish guide as a starting point though. Where the Saiflish guide refers to things like pull-down menus and long-presses for a given page, the same functionality will usually be available on the corresponding Symbian page through an icon on the toolbar. Hope this helps a little – please get in touch again if you want to know something more specific. Med vennlig hilsen, Robin.

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