Updates in the works

Several updates and new releases of PocketTransit are in the pipeline!

PocketTransit Lite, a free version of PocketTransit for iPhone with simplified functionality, is in preparation. This version still lets users record, visualise, and export strike, dip, trend and plunge information. Theodolite, Stereonet and Map functionalities are also included – all for free!

PocketTransit for Android will shortly be updated to version 1.1, which includes strike and lineation symbols on the map, a new Thoeodolite graphic, and control of plane and lineation visibility on the stereonet display.

PocketTransit Pro for Android, with similar functionality to PocketTransit Pro for iPhone, is in preparation and will be released soon.

PocketTransit Pro for iPhone 1.2 is also in preparation and includes calibration of the levelling tool as well as a range of other improvements and bugfixes.